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Skills Bootcamp in Digital Skills for Accounting

Duration Delivery Starting Date
14 Weeks Online Application Process Closed

Application Process for this Skills Bootcamp is now Closed

This programme offers a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience for individuals looking to establish a strong foundation in bookkeeping while also developing practical skills in utilising Sage Computerised Accounts software at various proficiency levels. In addition to these essential components, the program also emphasises the progressive enhancement of Excel proficiency, tailored specifically to the needs of aspiring bookkeepers.

Throughout this course, students embark on a journey of learning that encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. They delve into the intricacies of bookkeeping, gaining an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin accurate financial record-keeping. Whether it’s debits and credits, journal entries, or ledger maintenance, this course equips students with the necessary knowledge to excel in the field of bookkeeping.

One of the standout features of this program is the hands-on approach to learning. Students actively engage with real-world scenarios and case studies, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical settings. This practical application is a crucial aspect of the course, as it bridges the gap between theory and real-world practice, ensuring that students not only grasp the concepts but also become adept at their application.

A significant focus of this course is on the utilisation of Sage Cloud Accounts, a widely recognised and industry-standard software in the world of bookkeeping. Learners are guided through the software’s various functionalities, from basic to advanced levels. You will learn how to efficiently manage financial data, generate reports, reconcile accounts, and perform other essential tasks using Sage. This hands-on experience with the software ensures that learners are not only proficient but also confident in using it in professional bookkeeping settings.

In addition to mastering Sage, this course recognises the growing importance of Microsoft Excel in the realm of financial analysis and reporting. Learners receive progressive training in Excel, tailored to their evolving needs as bookkeepers. You will start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced techniques, enabling you to harness the power of Excel for data analysis, visualisation, and interpretation. This proficiency in Excel empowers learners to go beyond mere data entry and create meaningful financial insights that can guide business decisions.

By the end of this comprehensive programme, you will emerge as a well-rounded bookkeeper with a solid theoretical foundation, practical skills in Sage Cloud Accounts, and an impressive level of Excel proficiency. You will be equipped to confidently navigate the dynamic world of bookkeeping, contribute effectively to financial management, and play a vital role in helping businesses make informed decisions based on accurate financial data. Whether pursuing a career in finance, entrepreneurship, or any industry that relies on sound financial practices, graduates of this program are primed for success.

Bootcamp Outline
Eligibility Criteria

Digital Skills for Accounting Bootcamp will enable you to learn the fundamental skills and responsibilities you will need to work in an accountancy role including spreadsheets and other accountancy tools. If you are looking to get a flavour of an accountancy role, this bootcamp will provide a true introduction into the position, develop your confidence, and help you to progress into higher level learning programmes or entry-level positions.

This programme is suitable for:

  • Adults who are employed and looking to move into a new sector and start an entry-level role.
  • Adults who are employed and have their employer’s co-funding support to progress within the company.
  • Learners who are self-employed and looking to grow their business.
  • Learners who are recently unemployed (for less than 12 months) or returning to work after a break and are looking to get started with an entry-level job in a new sector.


The aim of the programme is to prepare learners for a career in bookkeeping and accounting. After base knowledge and skills are achieved, application of the knowledge is taught through Sage 50 bookkeeping software and Microsoft Excel.

By the end of this programme, you will have:

  • Developed an understanding of the principles of accounting and basic bookkeeping techniques that will qualify them to apply for an entry level position.
  • Applied bookkeeping knowledge by recording financial transactions, maintaining ledgers, reconciling accounts and preparing financial reports using Sage50 software.
  • Acquired an understanding of accounting, which can be beneficial for personal finance management, entrepreneurship, investment decisions and an understanding of business operations in various fields. 
  • Learned to understand the key concepts of spreadsheets and how Excel can assist finance professionals to analyse financial data, such as revenue, expenses, and cash flow, as well as to analyse non-financial data, such as customer data or market research.
  • Used available Help resources and shortcuts to enhance productivity in an office environment.
  • Recognized good practice in inserting, editing and deleting data.
  • Applied a range of mathematical and logical functions and formulas.

Eligibility & Requirements Criteria

Learners must meet all of the below criteria to take part in the Bootcamp.

  • You must be 19 or over.
  • You must be a resident in England.
  • You must be a British Citizen or have been living in England for 3 years for purposes other than study (you will need to provide residency eligibility as soon as enrolment call).
  • You must not have completed your chosen course previously as refresher courses will not be funded.
  • You must not already be on an apprenticeship or other qualification.
  • You must not have already completed a Bootcamp within the last year.
  • Must have use of a laptop/computer with a stable internet connection and use of  zoom/teams throughout your Bootcamp with a working microphone and video camera.  Chromebooks, tablets and phones are not suitable to undertaking live online sessions.
  • For Bootcamps relating to the study of Microsoft Office and other relevant software, you must have the software installed and in working order throughout the duration of the Bootcamp.
  • Because our Skills Bootcamps are of Level 3 standard in England, you will be expected to have some existing knowledge and skills within the subject area or job role that you are applying for.

You must also have:

A familiarity with applied use of Microsoft Office Suite of programmes.

Mininum level 1 functional skills ability in Maths and English.

Pass an entry interview.

Must be looking to actively search for a job immediately after graduating.

You must be able to commit to and attend 100% of live sessions as per the course requirements .

Course Cost:

All Bootcamps are funded and free of charge to the eligible learners.

Elaine Smith

Elaine Smith has been practising and teaching accountancy for over 15 years. She completed her undergraduate and masters degrees in the United States and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. Her experience in public practice included taxation, auditing and bookkeeping. She is currently lecturing and working towards her PhD in Accountancy at Maynooth University, as well as delivering online accounting modules through Cenit College. LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaine-smith-20a34321b/


Patricia Reddin

A professional training provider with 17 years’ experience in delivering government-funded and corporate training in Microsoft’s range of software solutions in both online and classroom environments. Courses delivered include ICDL, Microsoft Office Specialist Courses (Core and Expert), City & Guilds Diploma in IT Skills and individual modules (levels 1-3), as well as custom-designed courses. Qualified Microsoft Office Specialist Master and certified in JEB/EDI Teachers’ Diploma in Information Communication Technology. An effective trainer is adept at nurturing learners’ skills and ensuring their success.


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