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Employers Open Day: No-Cost Recruitment

Discover the possibilities at the Skills Bootcamp Open Day taking place on 13th February 2024 at 11 AM , where we unveil tailored strategies to equip your business for essential digital and data competencies in our technology-driven era.

Cenit College takes pride in introducing specialized initiatives designed to empower both businesses and individuals, enabling them to thrive in the digital workplace. As we navigate remote work environments, our programs acknowledge the widening digital skills gap, recognizing that even non-tech roles require some level of data analysis and digital proficiency.

In collaboration with the UK Government and the Department for Education (DfE), Cenit College is dedicated to assisting organisations and individuals in cultivating vital digital skills. Join us on this journey towards excellence in the digital landscape.

Tap into a substantial pool of high-potential candidates through Skills Bootcamps, at no cost to you. There’s no obligation to provide employment; simply integrate them into your regular recruitment process by conducting interviews.

Engage with industry experts to discuss your specific needs, allowing you to choose the best candidates with our support and at zero cost.

Our Skills Bootcamps equip candidates in diverse areas, ensuring they are motivated and ready to assume new roles within your company. Explore our various courses in the following areas:

  • Digital Skills
  • Project Management (Prince2)
  • Accounting
  • Cloud (AWS)
  • Data Analytics (Power BI)
  • Software Development (Python)
  • Cybersecurity


Employers in search of skilled and motivated candidates for current and upcoming roles in their businesses are invited to join us during this Open Day event. To sign up for the event simply fill out the form and our team will be in touch.

Discover why Cenit Group’s Free Recruitment Service is the smart choice for your hiring needs

  • Unlock a world of ambition with our vetted, eager candidates ready to excel in new roles.
  • Gain bespoke insights as you connect with top-tier industry experts tailored to your specific needs.
  • Dive into a diverse talent pool brimming with high-potential individuals poised to make an impact.
  • Experience seamless recruitment at no cost, a premium service designed to place the right talent in your team effortlessly.

Choose Cenit Group and invest in the right people without spending a penny. Let’s build your team’s future together.




There is no cost to recruit individuals who have completed a Skills Bootcamp.

If you wish to upskill your existing employees, you will need to contribute to the cost of training. If you are:

  • a large employer, you will contribute 30% of the cost
  • a small or medium employer (SMEs), you will contribute 10% of the cost

Existing employees may need time to study and attend classes depending on their working hours and status and the flexibility of the course.


Your responsibilities may include:

  • a safe work environment
  • an induction which includes explaining relevant policies and procedures
  • a line manager to support, supervise and mentor the student
  • a guaranteed interview as part of the Skills Bootcamp provision